Godot Engine - Call for testing

I’ve put a snap of the latest Godot Engine in the store.

"Godot provides a huge set of common tools, so you can just focus on making your game without reinventing the wheel.

Godot is completely free and open source under the very permissive MIT license. No strings attached, no royalties, nothing. Your game is yours, down to the last line of engine code"

How to install

snap install godot --candidate

How to run

Search for the familiar Godot icon in your desktop launcher, or snap run godot or /snap/bin/godot.


Requested Setups

I’ve done the basics of testing it 16.04 Intel-equipped laptop and my 18.04 nVidia-powered laptop. I loaded a previously made game, downloaded the export tools and exported a Linux build. All seemed to work as expected, but I’m not a game-dev so more testing appreciated!

Reporting Feedback

Please report any issues with the snap on this thread, here on the forum.


That’s jolly convenient, because I’ve been meaning to try Godot for a while, and this gave me the nudge to do it. You will be pleased to hear that it works successfully, too: I wrote a game! Well, when I say I wrote a game, I mean “I followed the your first game tutorial”, but everything worked, so I assume it’s all good. Hooray!


Ok, thanks @sil - I have pushed this to stable - anyone who tested may want to snap refresh godot --stable

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on ubuntuh 16.04

@pixel that’s good right :slight_smile:

yep X-)

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github issue > https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/18266#issuecomment-383251317

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There is a Godot 3.0.6, the snap version is still on 3.0.4.

Thanks for the ping! It’s now 3.0.6 in the stable channel :slight_smile:

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Godot version:

Godot v3.0.6

OS/device including version:

Ubuntu v18.04.01 OpenJDK 8

Issue description:

The snap store Godot version by using Godot file explorer can’t access the root folder therefore you can’t access the “jarsigner” file. If you enter the path by hand it still says “OpenJDK 6 jarsigner not configured in editor settings”.

The quick fix is to download the Godot from official website because that version has an access to the root folder. But it has no icon and you can’t add it to favourites bar :frowning:

P.S. I was trying to solve an issue but didn’t fount the solution anywhere. The closest one was with Godot v3.0.5 suggesting to solve by installing 3.0.6 version and OpenJDK 8, but I’ve already had proper versions.

Steps to reproduce: Install OpenJDK 8 > Install Godot > Try to set jarsigner path> in export options check if there is “OpenJDK 6 jarsigner not configured in editor settings” error message.

Minimal reproduction project:

Install OpenJDK 8 > Install Godot > Try to set jarsigner path> in export options check if there is “OpenJDK 6 jarsigner not configured in editor settings” error message.


To give permission to Godot to access the root directory would be really nice.

I’m using the godot snap and encountered some minor mouse-related issues.

  1. When the mouse is over draggable separators in the UI, the cursor does not change into the “left-right resize” or “up-down resize” shape. It does with the non-snap version.
  2. When clicking on a menu item in the main window, the menu does not follow mouse focus, i.e. moving the mouse to another menu does not open that menu. I have to click on it again. This also happens to work in the non-snap version.

I was just wondering about the 3.1 update and searched for godot in the snap store, but it did not show up. It turns out though that the snap still exists, I just had to pass --classic to refresh, as it is now a classic snap. What’s the reason for it not showing up in the store?

I marked it unlisted because I’m debugging an issue which causes it to crash on some systems. I wanted to just hold back the number of new installs while debugging.


@popey Can you update the versions to 3.2?


Hi @popey, can you add a notice in the description of the snap. It seems people are getting confused because they’re still finding it, but not when searching it: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/35556

I can’t. I don’t own the snap. @tmm2k possibly can.

Hey, it is my intention to fix this. Personal issues have intervened (My partner is very, very sick and has been for a long time). If nothing else I’ll transfer the snap to someone else at the godot org.

It is my intention to make this thing work well again. We discussed some difficulties with packaging godot with regards to Mesa drivers in the past, and the need to be able to update the mesa drivers separately from the actual snaps. For the actual editor this isn’t particularly important but if people want to ship their Godot created games as snaps it is.

I have been ‘out’ for long enough now that I do not know what the status of 3d drivers and snaps is, the workaround we discussed was never actually implemented.

I’m very sorry for your situation and I wish you all the best!

About the Godot snap, my suggestion is:

  • list (or publish) it back and then transfer ownership (or if possible, co-ownership)
  • give administration rights to co-owner also on GitHub repo
  • document such known issues on the snap page and on the snap readme, so that people can at least use it and be conscious of the current limitations
  • write on GitHub (or on this page) where we can find references about your work on the Mesa drivers issue, so someone can continue from there

I hope everything can get better soon in you life :wink: