Go Snap Updates

Hey @mwhudson,

The Go snap (go) is a few releases behind on both the 1.12 and 1.11 tracks. Can this please be updated?

Also, where is the source repository for this snap? I didn’t see any info from snap info go nor the Snap Store on where that might be so that I can help with the updates.

Thank you.

The releases that are missing only contained changes to the binary distributions, apart from the very latest that were released less than 24 hours ago :slight_smile:

That said, I was planning on updating them soon.

The repo is at https://code.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/+git/gosnap, I should probably try to make that discoverable somehow.


1.12.5 was released 24 hours ago yes, but not 1.12.3, or 1.12.4. Same for 1.11 though I’m not fully tracking the patch releases on that.

In the Snap Store website there’s a place to put a link. I don’t believe the yaml has it though.

Any chance of moving it to GitHub or shall it stay put in Launchpad?

As I said, 1.12.3, 1.12.4, 1.11.8, and 1.11.9 only contained changes to the linux binary distribution, not anything that would affect the snap.

Ah, I’ve added it now.

It needs to stay on Launchpad because it’s tied to the build from branch machinery in Launchpad. I could move the branch to github and import it into LP but that doesn’t seem worth it, it would be better to spend the time integrating the snap builds into upstream’s build process.

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The new versions are now building in Launchpad so you should see updated snaps soon :slight_smile:


Thanks for your effort @mwhudson


I see that there’s a link up in the store and the new releases out.

I haven’t submitted code to Launchpad in many years so I don’t really remember how to contribute to a codebase that way but if I figure it out, I’ll try to help.

Either way, thank you for the update.