Go snap is outdated

Hey, @mwhudson

I’d like to note that the go snap is two minor revisions (with security fixes) behind, and request it be updated.

Also, the launchpad link is broken. Has ownership changed?


Oops, I’ve just started builds for the latest 1.16 / 1.17 releases.

The branch is owned by a team now in Launchpad. I’ve updated the listing.

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This problem is always there, why should it be updated manually and also by one person?! :neutral_face:

Whenever he goes on vacation, we notice! like now

latest go version -> 1.19.2

snap go version -> 1.18.5

This is not (only) a problem of one-person maintainership.

Currently, although Go 1.20.1 is the current Go version and is also available in the 1.20 channel, the current latest/stable snap is still Go 1.19.6.

I believe this is not what Go developers need. Most developers need the latest stable Go version soon after it was release by the Go team. With the current snap strategy, this could be achieved by switching to the 1.20/stable channel, but you need to manually switch channels with every new Go release.

Would it be possible to provide a new channel, e.g. called “release/stable”, which contains always (with no more than 7 days delay) the current stable Go version release by the Go team?