Go/latest/stable downgraded 1.17.13

Yesterday go/latest/stable pointed to go 1.18.3. Today it’s 1.17.13, causing a build failure for me.

I assume this was done by accident and request it be fixed, thanks.

you have two options:

  1. contact the author via their contact details from the snap store, in this case it is shown as: contact: michael.hudson@ubuntu.com
  2. use the channel 1.18/stable e.g. snap refresh go --channel 1.18/stable

I guess I’ll ping @mwhudson anyway, but you should be using either of those methods above.

Edit: I’ve changed the tag you applied to this post because it isn’t anything to do with the store - the released versions of snaps are entirely down to their respective authors, so the snap category is more appropriate here.

I’ve fixed this now, apologies for the disruption (I shouldn’t release to stable late at night!!)