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The oddest thing.

gnome software shows the firefox snap as being V 60.


But looking at:

$ snap info firefox
refreshed: 2018-03-23T13:20:22-07:00
installed:   59.0.2-1 (71) 193MB -
  stable:    59.0.2-1 (71) 193MB -
  candidate: 60.0-2   (85) 206MB -
  beta:      61.0b4-1 (86) 202MB -
  edge:      ↑  

That version is in the beta channel.

Is that the expected behavior?

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I had a similar issue, GNOME Characters was displayed as v3.28.2 (in edge) even though the selected Channel was stable. It corrected itself to 3.28.0 as soon as I hit the Install button (even before I had it installed).


Thanks - looks like you didn’t notice the duplicate bug though.

#1767445 which has an SRU in progress. Please help test it and report back on the bug as per this comment from the SRU team

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