Gnome Software App Display on Ubuntu 22.04

Hi All, I’ve just upgraded my client system to 22.04 and running through the utilities I noticed that the Gnome Software appdoesn’t display my snap’s Icon on the “Installed” page (and some commercial apps Icons) in the App description - some sort of default icon is being displayed.

I must add that there seems to be some issues with the Gnome Software app catalogue management - it didn’t ever work properly in Ubuntu 20 and it still seems problematic in 22 - or have I missed something that requires me to re-formulate my app and my store icon for inclusion on the Gnome Software App catalogue?

Further, I think it is very unhelpful for proprietary snaps to listed as “Potentially Unsafe” on the Gnome Software App. My App is free to own and use, there should at least be a route for validating App safety in a confidential way that doesn’t require publication and “opening” of the source code.

cheers Alan