GlobalProtect not available for amd64?

tried to install GlobalProtect according to page
but error msg: error: snap “globalprotect” is not available on stable for this architecture (amd64) but exists on other architectures (armhf). says that it’s not available? Even if the Paloalto page is porviding linux distribution of it?

Normally you should contact the snap author … but looking at the main site of the snap it seems there is no contact information…

GlobalProtect offers you two different methods to install the GlobalProtect app on your Linux device: a GUI-based installation version and a CLI version. If you use a supported Linux operating system that supports a graphical interface, you can install the GUI version of the GlobalProtect; otherwise, download and install the CLI version of the GlobalProtect app.

Yes this is correct. I’m on Kubuntu 20.10 and found this install page, so I thought it will work. I have downloaded meanwhile both versions (5.2) and installed them manually, but I have issues with it. I wanted to point out if the author of this didn’t provided some version, that is working or is compatible with your version of Linux.