Global auto-connect request for KDE content snap kde-frameworks-5-100-qt-5-15-7-core20

New KDE content pack for urgent QT patch and new frameworks release. This is used for most of our snaps and the neon-extention. Thanks for your consideration.

+1 from me - this is a well-established pattern for KDE snaps.

Out of interest - there was also a very similar request recently for the kde-frameworks-5-99-qt-5-15-7-core20 snap (Allow Global auto connect for kde-frameworks-5-99-qt-5-15-7-core20) - are both of these required?

Just this latest one please, QT had a hot fix. Thank you

I am sorry. Pleaser disregard this one and just do Allow Global auto connect for kde-frameworks-5-99-qt-5-15-7-core20

Thanks, Sc arlett

Ok no worries - we’ll close this request and focus on the other 5-99 one. Thanks.