Global auto connect for kde-frameworks-5-98-qt-5-15-6-core20

I’d like to also request global auto connect be allowed for the content snap kde-frameworks-5-98-qt-5-15-6-core20 This is used for the kde-neon extension which is used by several Snaps and will allow the tests to pass in the kde-neon extension update.

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The request for the previous content snap is here: Allow Global auto connect for kde-frameworks-5-96-qt-5-15-5-core20

The request is for the slot kde-frameworks-5-98-qt-5-15-6-core20-all

+1 from me - since this has been granted a number of times for very similar snaps in the past and this request has been waiting for a while now, I have gone ahead and granted this with just my single +1 vote for expedience.

If other reviewers feel this is not suitable, please speak up and we can revert this if required.

Granted global auto-connect for the kde-frameworks-5-98-qt-5-15-6-core20-all slot of kde-frameworks-5-98-qt-5-15-6-core20, this is now live.

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