Github build not working after moving repository

I had the build for MusicBrainz Picard previously setup to build from my personal repo at .

Now I setup a fresh repository at . I unlinked my previous repository from the Picard snap’s build page, then linked the new repository:

  1. After linking I got a message that the hook could not be setup automatically and I should trigger a build manually.
  2. Manually triggering a build does not seem to work, the builds page is stuck with a “Waiting for builds…” message
  3. I added the webhook to manually to the repo, but Github receives a 500 Internal Server Error when trying to deliver the webhook.

Can someone check what’s going wrong here?

Builds actually seem to run now, but webhook still fails with a 500

if your “waiting for builds …” seems to take too long you can take a look at the build machines and how busy they are via:

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Thanks for the link. Yes, build itself was just taking a bit longer, it’s fine now. So the only issue left is the webhook, which fails with a 500 error. The response body is a generic HTML page without further details, just:

Internal Server Error
Please try again later
You can check the service status at

If the problem persists please check the Snapcraft forum or report an issue.

According to Github webhooks not working? the manual creation of webhook does not work, one has to rely on the automatic creation. And that fails for unknown reason. I also tried disconnecting and connecting the reporitory again, with same result.

It would be great if one could also create the webhook manually, that would be a way to solve this.

Ok, it works now. I don’t know why. Originally this was a newly created repository on the org. I know moved it back to my personal account, moved that again over to the org, unlinked and linked the repo again from Snapcraft and now it also created the webhook. It probably was some kind of permission thing or whatever, which is strange because I always had the permission to create webhooks.

But anyway, I consider this solved.

Ok, screw it. Not solved. The webhook that yesterday worked today failed with a 403 because of invalid secret. Tried to delete the webhook and recreate it, now creation fails again "The GitHub Webhook could not be created. Please trigger a new build manually. "

I opened an issue at

Just in case this is useful for someone in the future this is how we figure out the cause of the issue:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Snapcraft
  3. Check if your Org has a green tick:
  4. If not this is the issue.
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