Git-ubuntu: please change publisher to usd-import-team

I do not see a way for me to change the publisher field for a snap. I am leaving Canonical and need to change the publisher of the git-ubuntu* snaps to the usd-import-team (Launchpad team) if that is possible. If it is not possible, please change the publisher to canonical.

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This is a “transfer” of snap names, which I can help with.

Could you please give me a list of the git-ubuntu* snaps you wish to transfer?

I can transfer them to Canonical as, to my knowledge, there’s no snap account for usd-import-team (but maybe check with e.g. Robie)?

git-ubuntu, git-ubuntu-stable, and git-ubuntu-beta please!

hi roadmr –

as discussed in IRC

publisher: canonical
collaborators: racb, nacc, ahasenack, paelzer, davidpbritton, powersj

The transfer is now complete. @dpb Unfortunately I can’t add the collaborators directly from the store :frowning: The new owner of the snap would have to do that, and the collaborators can then accept the share and begin working on this.


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@mvo is that you? ^ :slight_smile:

@dpb: git-ubuntu’s collaborators are already set.

The git-ubuntu-stable and git-ubuntu-beta snaps do not have any actual snaps published, they are just reserved names so Launchpad can build snaps.

The store does not allow me currently to add collaborators to a reserved name. There has to be an (unpublished) snap so that it works.

AIUI, the names are reserved because that was needed to connect them to We’re using that to build and publish snaps directly from our snap/beta and snap/stable git branches.

What do you suggest we should do to transfer this over?

This has been fixed in the store. You can now set collaborators before a snap has ever been uploaded.

Thanks! @mvo, could you take another look please?