Git-ubuntu in arm64(aarch64) ubuntu core

error: snap “git-ubuntu” is not available on beta for this architecture (arm64) but exists on other
architectures (amd64, i386).

As far as I’ve investigated, in arm64 architecture is not possible to have git. I am using an snap of docker, to deploy containers with volumes linked to the linux home folder. Is there where I modify my code/repos. But without git. There are many adapted snap arm64 packages,so it sounds rare to me, that git-ubuntu is not. Is there any workaround?

Beyond this…:

Hi, are you trying to install specifically the git-ubuntu snap, or are you just looking for a way to use the git command on arm64? Also what Operating System are you using? Are you using Ubuntu Core or a classic distro like Ubuntu Server or Ubuntu Desktop?

I am sorry. I am using ubuntu core in rpi4 (arm64). Well, at the end,my purpose is to use it, and I’ve seen that apt in classic is possible but not recommended also. Shouldn’t be a clean way to use git? Am I missing something?

$ snap install lxd
$ sudo lxd init --auto
$ sudo lxc launch ubuntu:18.04 bionic
Creating bionic
Starting bionic
$ sudo lxc shell bionic

now you can apt install git (though i think it is even pre-installed in our lxd images) or whatever else you need/want … there are ways to share the home dir from the host as well, documentation should be available via

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First, I tried the ssh agent forward with docker and its buildkit, but it doesn’t work:

Then I tried with your advice, which doesn’t have agent forward neither: