Git-repo is old (2017) and not working

I installed git-repo but had an error like

 SyntaxError: invalid syntax

(see e.g. which suggests that there’s a Python version problem (using python2 instead of python3)
I tried installing python-is-python3 but that did not help. (and I don’t understand why, but that’s besides the point.)

Then I realized that repo from snapstore is just really old (last updated may 2017). There’s a button to “Contact Jim Hodapp” but that’s a link to the Google code repository, which was discontinued a few years ago iirc.

What’s a good way to have this fixed ? update the snap, or maybe remove it, or at least have Ubuntu not suggest it through the command-not-found mechanism

Command ‘repo’ not found, but can be installed with:

sudo snap install git-repo

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Looks like this is still an issue, @ernstp discovered it in another, linked, thread :blush:

@roadmr or @toto would this be something you could look into? Or point the right person here?

Seems like replacing the Jim Hodapp button would be a good start, and since the snap is registered under Jim we should either get rid of it or see if someone wants to take it over, I can reach out to Jim to see if we can transfer it if that’s what is decided.

I guess this is still sitting there being broken… ?

It’s made even worse by command-not-found recommending people to install the snap btw.

So is it only Jim Hodapp that can remove this? And he’s no longer at Canonical? There’s no mechanism for removing/transferring orphaned broken packages?

I had it transferred to me and unpublished the snap until I can get time to resolve the issue.

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