Gimp-snap: Printer / Scanner, Turboprint-Plugin, Appearance

Dear readers,
I just upgraded Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 and replaced my Gimp-debs with the Gimp-snap. A first test showed that the snap does not provide some functionalities “out of the box” which I had with the deb-installation:

  • Printers had to be provided via snap connect - as a snap-beginner it took me a while to find out
  • I am using the commercial Turboprint-plugin, however, it does not show up in the snap - is there some path voodoo to point the snap to the plugin-directory?
  • The scanner does not show up under “File - Acquire” - there seems to be no “snap connect option” - is there a way to restore the interaction of gimp and scanner?
  • The system theme looks very outdated in the snap and does not obey system colors - if there is a solution to this matter of taste?
    Thanks in advance for helpful hints and pointers!

Does the turboprint plugin require anything beyond GIMP itself? e.g. shared libraries? If it is completely self-contained then you can add it via $HOME/snap/gimp/current/.config/GIMP/2.10/plug-ins which is equivalent to non-snapped path $HOME/.config/GIMP/2.10/plug-ins.

@jdstrand, is there a scanner-enabling plug lying around that we can add to GIMP?

This is difficult because GIMP uses GTK-2, which is old and uses shared libraries to store the theme information. That means it is difficult to share the theme from the host in a portable way.

Thank you, Daniel, for your response. I will try your suggestion regarding the Turboprint plugin and copy the files into the directory you mentioned. However, it seems to be a little bit more complicated, because just now I found this remark in the Turboprint support forum by one of the developers:
“I just tried to figure out how to install the plugin for the Snap package, however it seems to be more complicated - maybe we can add this for the next TurboPrint release.” So users will have to be patient.
As far as the cosmetics are concerned I can work with Gimp in Millennium look. More important for me is the ability to acquire images conveniently by scanning directly in Gimp.

I’d have to see the denials to be sure, but I would’ve thought that all that would be needed would be network and maybe avahi-observe.

How do I update the library with a vulnerability found in the snap package?

the snap maintainer gets usually notified via email if there is a vulnerable lib in the snap and is then supposed to trigger a re-build of the package for you to get the fix included … (this is really a question you should ask in a new topic though, seems pretty unrelated to anything discussed here)

What is the state of « scanner » connection to Gimp ?

I’m not able to scan straightaway « through » Gimp, have to use xsane or simplescan before to acquire my documents. And then open them in Gimp.

pehaps adding the raw-usb plug might work … could be worth a try to at least get usb scanners to work (are there still SCSI scanners ?) …