Giara - a GTK app for Reddit

Giara is a GTK app for Reddit from GNOME developers:

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Finally looks like a working and simple Reddit-app for desktop Linux (on mobile, the absolute best one is Quickddit).

But one has to log in mandatorily to browse Reddit through Giara :confused: --i’m taking this chance to ask, why the mandatory requirement to login? Giara also seems to open the operating systems main web browser for this task (?).

On Quickddit for instance one can also just browse away opening the app. Quickddit is open source and its code could be of help either case, by the way?

Code here:

I’m in the process of publishing a Giara Snap; it’s currently waiting for manual review, but should be available soon. I’ll let you know when it’s live.

Didn’t know this app until you mentioned here; took a look, liked it. Using on a daily basis.

This is a shot of the Snap running on my machine:

Giara is live, on beta channel. Feel free to test and report any issues.


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