Ghidra snap ownership transfer

Hi store team,

I publish the ghidra snap, registered with my former email address. I’ve just added a new personal SSO account as a collaborator on the snap, can I get the ownership transferred to that account please?

Thanks, David.

Why not just change the email address associated with your original SSO account? It is still you after all (isn’t it? :wink:)

I had tried that, as my SSO has both email addresses associated with it, but when I tried to add my personal email address as a collaborator on the snap (so that I would get notification emails etc), the result was essentially a nop. I figured the store was smart enough to realise that it was the same SSO entity and then taking a shortcut and not updating anything.

BUT - after a couple of logout/logins now I see the snap ownership has now updated to the SSO’s primary email now.

No further action required.

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