Getting snapcraft.yaml

Hypothetical question here…

What if you wanted to peek at a production snapcraft.yaml file to reference when building a new one?

Is it possible to retrieve the snapcraft.yaml file for a package via the snapcraft command? Or is there an easy way to see which repo the package came from to find the yaml file? I just think it might be nice to reference a working file/build at times.

We are working on the recording feature, which saves the original snapcraft.yaml and an annotated manifest.yaml during the build. They will be inside the snap, so you can see it in /snap/$name/current/.

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Great. Sounds like a great feature. I’ll attempt to watch for it in release notes/changelogs.


Great news!!! Not only to see all the stuff regarding to the building process but also to packagers who wants to check how to define a snapcraft.yaml file :slight_smile: Thank you very much!!!

We are documenting this feature, here:

Any suggestion would be welcome.

Thank you for posting the link here. I already added a +1 over on the repo (if needed).

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+1 are always needed! Thank you.