Getting close to 100 code contributors in snapcraft and snapd


As of today snapd has 84 contributors in github, and snapcraft has 85.

Reaching 100 contributors is not a small achievement, and it’s worth celebrating.

I think that a nice way to thank all the people who have contributed their code with us would be to send them a nice t-shirt that commerates the event :slight_smile:

We would only need some money to get a pretty design, print it and ship it.

How does this sound to you? Any other ideas?

I also think that at the next sprint, the other team should pay for the beers of the team that reaches 100 contributors first :wink:


Added a patch to help with the Snapcraft team :wink: Not clear what to enter for Project Contact on the CLA though?

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How generous of you!

Add @JamieBennett (unless he states otherwise) :slight_smile:

Signed. Obviously if it’s not a pull you want then don’t pull it (that really would be cheating) :wink:

I think a lightweight approach would be to offer some kind of digital reward to the first 100 participants, never to be repeated again :slight_smile: A “Snapcraft Pioneer” forum badge would be nice. We are also looking into stickers to put on your laptops.


A contributors file too that list the first 100 people.

I mean, I’d be pretty happy with a forum badge and a sticker for a edit :wink:

I’m just going to leave this here, and meet you later at the bar next to the hotel :sunglasses:


I expect a photo of the snapcraft team with beers and smug faces to be posted here when you’re done :stuck_out_tongue: