'get' counterpart of snapcraftctl set-version

I am looking for ‘get’ counterpart of snapcrafctl set-version to update version metadata of snapcraft.yaml. FYI - I am using ‘adopt-info’ to set the version.

Following is the use case:

Have multiple snaps in the project. At present each developer is manually updating version field with whatever he / she wants to. Not to mention there is no uniformity in the format.
Came across adopt-info which can set the version. Format I have thought of is:

A.B-C where (A - Year (starting with 1 for 2020), B - Week number and C - minor number)
e.g. - 1.21-3

I am able to set the year and week but unable to figure out logic for minor version [C] bump on each commit. Also, looking for get counterpart of snapcraftctl set-version using which I can read and update minor number.

You might consider the approach of the edgexfounday snap, which sets the version based on a project file, the datetime and the git revision: https://github.com/edgexfoundry/edgex-go/blob/master/snap/snapcraft.yaml

Thanks @kyleN for the pointer. That was helpful.

Although I will use adopt-info, I might not go with using file for parsing version since I am looking for something that does not require developer to update version.
Will try to increment version on each commit.