Generic wayland icons in snap title bars in KDE

In KDE, each app have a icon set to their window. But, because it’s set via QIcon::themedIcon, those only searches for the icon with those names. Now, it’s set by the app itself, it should’ve access to the theme icon as the path where the icon is installed, $SNAP/usr/share/icons/hicolor is in the XDG_DATA_DIRS. Then why do we still get a generic window icon on the titlebars? Is there any way to fix this? This seems to be can be fixed again with implementation of themed icons in snap icons, as seen in many previous threads.

For ref:


Follow up, found an interesting PR. The renaming of desktop file was probably not because it created some issues with snapd, rather Unity8 had some issues with it. I am not sure about the userbase of Unity right now. But, I am definitely sure that it’s far less than (may be mere 10-20%) of all the Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, Mate, XFCE combined. I really think we should go forward and revert the change, atleast on snapcraft and create an experimental flag in snapd, similar to multi instance installations.


This is the same issue with my Firefox Nightly (parallel install) on Wayland

Hope there’s a solution for this. Its a bit of an eyesore :frowning:

@ogra @alexmurray @kenvandine can anyone kindly comment on this?

@soumyaDghosh I think the best course of action here (if you want to try and get this change reverted) would be to send a PR to the snapcraft project so it can be discussed directly with the snapcraft developers.

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This change is now a lot more hardcoded than before. Because it was at the initial days and a lot of work has been done regarding that. I did look into it for a day, but sure, I’ll try. It’s not only snapcraft but also snapd. Both are huge libraries.