Gating snaps on Ubuntu Core

Hi, I am trying to implement gating snap for Ubuntu core system and I have a brand store account.

I created a key and validated it to gate 2 snaps on a PC with developer snapcraft account.

I then created an image and flashed on a RPI system. When I check it, the gating was not implemented.

How can I sign this assertion on the image? How do I enable gating on the snaps. Am i missing some step?

Any help would be helpful. Thanks in advance

In the refresh control documentation there’s a “preliminary setup” step that needs to be performed. A store reviewer or admin needs to add the list of gated snap IDs to the gating snap.

Please have someone with reviewer privileges do the setup as described there. If you can’t for any reason, feel free to file a brand store support ticket and we’ll be able to help you set this up.

  • Daniel

Thanks for the quick reply . I was not able to edit the refresh control section. so I have sent a request to the store.