Gating Snap Clarifications


there is this nice concept of gating snaps ( If I understood it correctly, I am able to control which revisions of snaps should be installed on a device. In this context I have a few questions on which I am not yet 100% sure:

  • Can I use the gating snaps for all snaps on my device (also for kernel and core snaps)? I’d really like to have fine-grained control over all snaps revisions on the device.
  • Can I just include the gating snap in my image (which is a custom build)?
  • I understood that I need a review by someone. Is there anything I should be taking care of? I do not have a brand store. is this an issue?

My main use case is that I want to control my devices’ updates so that I can ensure that an update is really just performed when a certain constellation of snap revisions on the device occur. So I hope that I could use this feature for this use case.

Thanks and best regards,

gating snaps are an exclusive brand store feature, thus i moved this to the store category …

(the review would have to be done by you/your store admin via the brand store UI)

Thanks for the quick reply, although this was not what I was hoping for. It is too bad that the brand store comes at such high initial expenses (15.000) which is just not affordable for small companies like us in an initial state. But I think there are already a lot of discussions on that, so I do not want to open up another one.