Garmin Express

Garmin Express is a software to manage Garmin devices (such as smart watches or navigation systems). The installer is freely available.
And regarding WineHQ it is fully functional with some cosmetic glitches.

Many Garmin users are looking for an easy solution (i.e. here, here and varous other threads).

There are also various tutorials to have it running on Wine (i.e. here, here, here).

PS: I’m not sure whether this is relevant but here’s a corresponding playonlinux thread.

I started building the snap of Garmin Express a week ago, but then had to abandon it for lack of time.
I’ll look into it again (if someone else doesn’t do it before me)

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Nice, thank you!. It would be great to hear about the progress!

I can’t get the install to succeed.
It fails to install with an error related to the dotnet package (even though it was installed via winetricks)

Do you have your attempt on GitHub/GitLab/gitea/somewhere public?