Gadget to put a custom logo at boot time (amd64)


i’m building a kiosk based on amd64 hardware, actually working with a KVM virtual machine.

I’m looking for a way to put a logo during boot time.

I’ve found the “” but unfortunately wont compile right now.

Could someone give me some insight?

Thank you,

i have fixed the build error, so you should at least get a proper build now … but I do not have the time to check if it works currently, so YMMV …

to apply your own logo, just replacing the logo.png file in the bootsplash subdir should be enough …

note that my fix also bumps the code to be bound to Ubuntu Core 18 … you wont be able to build a core 16 image with it now.

Ok ,thank you, i’m waiting for a batch of Celeron boxes, were i plan to test this. I’ll report back in the next few days.


Seems to work correctly. Thanks!