Gadget snap, quiet boot with logo


I am exploring the option on using the mir-kiosk and chromium-mir-kiosk snaps as a base for a signage player. But I would like to make the boot quiet, i.e. as little output on the display as possible until the kiosk snap has started. I would also like to explore the possibility to add a logo or similar image at boot up. How would I go about doing that? I am interesting in running on a small amd64 and maybe on a Raspberry Pi.


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@ogra may know. Cheers


there are also some experimental images using it:

(try the server one)

(note that the first boot takes very long 10-15min, be patient when trying these images)

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Thanks! I’ll try it out!

For amd64 I have tried to modify grub.cfg in this snap:, by adding “quiet splash” to set cmdline=“root=LABEL=$label snap_core=$snap_core snap_kernel=$snap_kernel ro net.ifnames=0 init=/lib/systemd/systemd console=ttyS0 console=tty1 panic=-1”

But I havn’t gotten it to work, i.e. I still see a lot of output at boot, any idea how to make quiet boot work on amd64?

i havent used this for a while so it might be broken (so beware) … but i also have a splash gadget for x86 at:

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