Gadget snap modification

Hello, I would like to modify the PC gadget snap - to change the boot logo, to pre-seed the network config, and to pre-seed the user account. I can clone the PC gadget, and rebuilt it ok (I haven’t yet tried to modify it, except for the name). However when I upload it to my newly registered name I get an error:-

Issues while processing snap:ew

  • (NEEDS REVIEW) type ‘gadget’ not allowed

I can create/upload/use normal simple demo snaps, so I think I understand the process ok. Should I be allowed to modify and upload a PC gadget snap for my own private use?

Hi @neildsimpson,

It is not possible to upload gadget, kernel and application snaps with super-privileged interfaces to the Store. Only customers who has their own private Snap Store can do this.

That being said, it should be fine to sideload your gadget snap in your image without downloading it from the store.

Thanks, Bugra

Thanks for the reply. Actually, I don’t want to modify the PC gadget snap, I only want to add pre-seeding for the network settings and user settings, and add a custom splash image. None of these changes require modification to the code, they are just config changes. But it looks like I have to rebuild the gadget code to add these config files. Is there some other way?