Gadget snap manual review


At our company we have been experimenting with Ubuntu core and snaps to replace an older cloud IoT-device for our customers. It went quite smoothly I gotta say. However when the snap we created got bigger (~400mb) the Ubuntu Image tool started complaining about the size and the devices would not boot after the image was loaded on to it. We found out that one of the volumes in the gadget snap we where using was not big enough. So we made a fork of the snap changed the volume size (and some other tweaks for our hardware). After some testing with local builds we wanted to upload it to edge on a private snap. However the snap got flagged for manual review because type gadget is not allowed in lint-snap-v2_snap_type_redflag. Is this something we can review ourselves? It’s quite important for us to have the snaps in the snapstore because of the way we have designed the image making/updating.

We may ditch this fork of the Gadget in the future, depends how our main snap gets developed in the future. It’s just annoying for the developers right now that the gadget snap is on manual review and they can’t test there full deployment.