Gadget snap licenses

I’m wondering what the licenses for the different gadget snaps are. Most of the licenses are listed as “I don’t know.” I know different tutorials post that these gadgets are ok to use, but is that really the case?

The Pi gadgets both copy the LICENSE files for the proprietary blobs into the gadget (LICENCE.broadcom and COPYING.linux can be found in /boot/uboot on a running system).

For u-boot itself we will probably need to include the GPL boilerplate in the armhf gadgets, likewise for grub in the pc gadget …

Regarding the dragonboard and the binary blobs from qualcomm used in there, I need to defer to @ondra, he made the recent changes that actually download the blobs from linaro … i guess the zips he downloads do include re-distribution licenses but snapcraft.yaml does not copy them into place yet.

What about the pc gadget? That’s the one I’m most concerned about. I was posting the other ones because I saw they were listed with the same issue.

the pc gadget only has grub inside … so the GPL boilerplate should be sufficient here (as i said above)