Gadget auto connect of snapd-control not working and error

We have a brand store, and I’m testing a snap that has the snapd-control interface.

The snap is published in the brand store, and available in the appropriate device store. The device is installed with the an image created with a signed model assertion etc, and is authenticated with the device store.

The gadget has an auto connection entries like this:

  - plug: EeKt3E4xZajMZnpT58644owZ5JkU6gQN:network-control
  - plug: EeKt3E4xZajMZnpT58644owZ5JkU6gQN:daemon-notify
  # < This is the one >
  - plug: 6eYkl5cx8jsq6G4zLej96KEve41TpZO1:snapd-control
  - plug: HMLworN5rMNJLe9aSt1N93ip9mT0BtO4:docker-executables
    slot: sLCsFAO8PKM5Z0fAKNszUOX0YASjQfeZ:docker-executables
  - plug: HMLworN5rMNJLe9aSt1N93ip9mT0BtO4:docker-cli
    slot: sLCsFAO8PKM5Z0fAKNszUOX0YASjQfeZ:docker-daemon

It’s worth mentioning that including this snap 6eYkl5cx8jsq6G4zLej96KEve41TpZO1 in the image breaks the image post install setup, but I’m not sure if that is related the interface or not.

If I try and install the snap from the store after installation, I get this error:

# snap install name-of-snap --edge
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Mount snap "name-of-snap" (4) (installation not allowed by "snapd-control" plug rule of interface "snapd-control")

If I scp the snap over, and install manually, it installs ok, but does not autoconnect. IF I then manually connect it , it works,

Is there some setup I have to do int eh Brand Store to get this to work, or am I missing something else ?


Use of snapd-control at all requires a snap declaration (see The snapd-control interface). I suggest reaching out to your brand store representative since they are in a position to assist in this matter.

ok - I will do that.

It just wasn’t clear to me that even with a Brand Store I had to request it. I was hoping that if there was some store side setup, we could just configure that ourselves in the dashboard [ like we do for publishing rules etc ].


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