Fundamental Searching Issues - Returning Non-relevant Results

There is a fundamental issue with the Snap Store and how it searches along with conventions developers have used for their snap descriptions.

If I search Git or GitHub, I would expect to find a list of git related tools (snaps that use Git internally). However, that is not what I find. I find a bunch of Snaps that reference their GitHub page for their snap.

Beekeeper is a database snap that has nothing to do with Git (except for the mention of the GitHub project link)

There should be some way to separate this information so the Snap Store doesn’t search for this useless info (useless in terms of a user searching for a snap)


Searching for cli for command-line interface also seems to show some extremely non-relevant results

When I search cli I once again get the popular BeeKeeper Studio Snap.
Why? apparently there is one reference to the non-related term, client, in the description which it looks like the Store is picking up on.

Basically, BeeKeeper Studio is a very popular snap and it apparently includes the search term. Therefore it is placed first.

This is a bad search strategy. Imagine my first time using Snap Store, I search git, github, or cli and my first experience is seeing a bunch of non-related snaps. Might seem like Snaps are not ready for primetime.

Using a relevance-based search should fix the cli issue, but I am uncertain if it will fix the git/github issue as Github repositories are common items to add to descriptions.

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@noise This is in your domain I believe? What can we do to improve search results? We have seen this come up a few times. Would be good to get this to a state where the search returns things you’re likely to want, and not just something that has a long description.


@ciscorucinski Indeed those results are not very optimal. Can you please file a bug for this at and we’ll see what we can do to improve that situation?


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Oh wow, this got away from me. I submitted a bug report at