Functionality of node red

I have a great deal of confusion being new to my situation. Firstly, I have a Rock64 running Manjaro Plasma. I’ve installed Node Red and mosquitto as a mirror to an already inplace Raspberry Pi running Rpi OS and similarly Node Red and mosquitto. Secondly, I can log into the Raspberry pi’s iteration of Node Red, and receive dashboard data fine. If I try to log into the Rock64, Node Red doesn’t respond, it simply times out. Can anyone point me in a direction of understanding why it’s not working? Thanks

In an effort to start fresh, I’ve created a new OS version on microsd, and went through the steps to install snapd, then Node red via Snap with instructions from All seemed to go well until I entered the cli command to install node red ( sudo snap install node-red, when an error was returned “too early for operation, device not yet seeded or device model not acknowledged”. Can some one explain what that means? I’m actually not sure how I got it on the old system, because Snap wasn’t used, and I thought that might be part of the issue, which is why I restarted everything from scratch.

Snapd does some internal initialization, like generating signing keys for your installation, which may take a while. Just wait a little and try issuing the command again.

Thanks for the reply, Maciej. It would seem that I can install node red via snap, and I can use the editor to create flows, but when creating a dashboard, it is not accessible to another browser on the same network like it works with the Raspberry Pi. The browser simply times out waiting for a response I found this on the node red site: