Freedreno support for Dragoboard on snappy

I would like to know how to use mesa/freedreno/drm on Snappy. Is there any limitation to use GPU in Snappy ?. Can we make snap for mesa/fredreno and use it for applications.


all our arm kernels have the respecive KMS and DRI drivers enabled for the specific boards. if you have an app, just including mesa in stage-packages should give you full gallium support (the DRI drivers should create /dev/dri/card0, if your board shows that device using galluim (by including mesa) and the opengl interface in your snap app should just work).

Thanks Ogra, I can see /dev/dri/card0 node. Let me try this further.

i think the mir-kiosk snapcraft.yaml is a good example of what to include in build-packages and stage-packages …