FreeCAD snap owner MIA, reverting ownership to FreeCAD community?


I’m a FreeCAD developer trying to get in touch with someone who can help us with the ownership of the FreeCAD snap ( This was created by the community member vejmarie a few years ago, but he’s been missing from the forums for over a year and we haven’t been able to get in contact with him.

The version in the Snap store is based on a 0.17 beta from 2016, but the actual release of 0.17 was done at the beginning of April this year, so the version being offered is significantly out of date. Therefore it would be really great if we could get this ownership situation resolved somehow. If it helps, this is the Launchpad group we use to manage our PPAs:

Thank you!


The snap name dispute resolution process should deal with this problem…?

Passing by this topic again, is the situation still remain the same?


A little over two months ago I handled the name dispute for freecad, and the original maintainer vejmarie replied to my inquiry, I understand both developers are now in touch.

This can be close as far as I understand.

Regards, Natalia.

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Yes, that’s correct.

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hi, I know this is different forum but freecad.snap has a problem described here Freecad snap is not appearing in the app menu after installation via snap store can you help ?

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Hey @kkremitzki, I acknowledge, from the above, that either you or @vejmarie is maintaining snap FreeCAD now. Well, as stated above, it doesn’t include a .desktop file for the program. Of course, we can use a terminal to open it, but it’s rather annoying. Any chance of you solve this issue?


@kkremitzki any chance we can get the 0.18.4 and 0.19 preview into stable and beta channels?

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Thanks for the ping @thymythos, indeed it’s out of date. I’m a bit busy to work on it ATM but I’ve left a note on our forums for either me or someone else to follow up on later:

As far as this topic, we have the ownership of the package sorted out at least, so this can be marked solved or closed if a mod sees this.

@kkremitzki Can you point me to the sources of the snap packaging? I tried asking on the freecadweb forums, but had no luck.

I have sketched a more functional and more modern packaging implementation on top of master ( and I’m interested in a bit of collaboration here.

Atm I don’t even get any fonts displayed and the whole experience with this snap is a bit lacklustre.