FreeBSD port snapd

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I’m FreeBSD user a some mounths, I came from Arch Linux to BSD for testing a others non-linux operating systems, I noticed that there is no official snapd port for FreeBSD (as well as other BSDs systems like OpenBSD, NetBSD etc), there are plans for an official port in the future? If don´t, it´s possible compile snapd from source code for BSD systems?, Snapd is somehow dependent of systemd making this compilation complicated for beginners?

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I don’t know but I don’t think it’s possible. Snapd has some systemd dependencies but mainly it heavily relies on Linux-specific features like namespaces, seccomp, apparmor etc. that FreeBSD doesn’t have. Getting it to work on FreeBSD would IMHO involve a huge porting effort and probably it wouldn’t be well received by the ***BSD community anyway.


Indeed, but FreeBSD like other BSD systems have some features can be substitute the dependency, like FreeBSD Mandatory Access Control for apparmor and Jails for substitute namespace, of course the effort it may end up being too large to be worth.

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FreeBSD MAC could indeed substitute for AppArmor. Seccomp may be more problematic, OpenBSD has Pledge but that’s a much coarser model, I don’t know where FreeBSD stands. As for jails I’m not that familiar with them but again, I don’t know if they allow for the granularity and case-by-case sharing of resources that snap expects.

At any rate the main problem IMHO would not be the implementation challenges, however great they may be, but rather the fact that I can’t imagine the BSD community supporting a project like that. They are generally extremely conservative and they like their Unix ways of doing things. Just mentioning systemd makes their blood boil, and systemd in that regard is nothing compared to snap :smiley:

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I’m making an open source smartphone on device-to-device concept (no career). I am considering SnapCraft as default app store but for a surprising amount of reason especially jails and ZFS, that would be on a FreeBSD core. Is there opinion on this? would that make it worth the port for some?