Forum categories proposals

I propose three new categories:

snaps: for discussions related to snaps in the store. For example, a new release of the mysql snap or some snap having problems to move from dev to strict.

test: for organizing crowd testing for a release, or discussion about manual and automated testing.

docs: for discussions about ubuntu core, snapd and snapcraft user and API docs, and tutorials.

Thanks for the suggestions. I went ahead and added snap and doc, and also refactored the other categories simplifying things a bit and moving a few that were under snapd into the top space so they’re shared.

I’d like to wait a bit before adding the test one, though, as these seem to be topics which are better held inside the context of whatever is being tested. I expect snapd releases to have a respective topic there, and snapcraft to have another one in its own category, for example.

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Snap-Support or Support perhaps? Something where folks can post the Snaps they are working on and the problems they are encountering.

@ryanleesipes Hey Ryan, welcome!

That’s a bit related to the point made above regarding the test category. Most often we’ll see these threads flowing in the respective categories they’re talking about (snap in your example). That said, we do have a wildcard top-level feedback category which aims at taking people’s comments when they don’t know what else to do. We can then leave these comments there, or move them to other categories when that’s appropriate.

Cool, so long as it is detailed somewhere, I think the majority of initial posts will be question like that.

@niemeyer can you add a “store” category?


@noise Sure, that’s done.