For some reason, Skype installed form Snap doesn't give any audio output anymore after the new update!?

skype        128   latest/stable    skype✓        classic

What to do?
I cannot hear anything!

Is this happening to only me!?

Can you post the output of snap version, please? That might help narrow down what’s happening by documenting the system you’re running on. I suspect it is a case of skype accidentally linking to shared libraries from your host, as it’s a classic snap without confinement so there should be nothing sandboxy hindering it from accessing audio devices.

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pranav@exam ~> snap version
snap    2.44.3+20.04
snapd   2.44.3+20.04
series  16
ubuntu  20.04
kernel  5.4.0-33-generic
pranav@exam ~>

@lucyllewy I am waiting for your replay so that I can hear sound from Skype.

I am running 20.04 as well (amd64) and am not seeing the same issue.

In audio & video settings, do you see your sound device under “speakers”, if not default?

And if using gnome, go to “Settings” and ensure that “chromium” and “Skype” sound level is set correctly? For some reason, it shows as “chromium” when running the audio test… probably related to it being an electron app.


As u can see it, the option “default” is selected.
In the speaker’s section, I see this option called “Test audio” and if I play it, I don’t hear no sound, which is the problem.

And yes I use GNOME 3.36 Desktop Environment. But I do not found a “Skype sound level”. I can see sound settings that cover the overall section, but not as you mentioned.

I think I should try to reinstall skype again. Maybe the problem get solved then!

the reason is simple… and it is the same as why also Slack does not pick-up on the audio/sound

they never defined the interconnections to neither alsa
nor pulseaudio interfaces… thing that instead spotify/zoom has done properly…

$ snap interface pulseaudio
name:    pulseaudio
summary: allows operating as or interacting with the pulseaudio service
  - mailspring
  - spotify
  - zoom-client
  - core
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That should be not required and even not possible for snaps in classic confinement.

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well, the zoom & spotify work with no problems… skype & slack don’t

to me it is a pretty simple correlation… alternatives?

as @Lin-Buo-Ren said above, classic snaps do not use interfaces, they access the system resources directly (i.e. they do directly talk to pulse/alsa without any interfaces). classic snaps are similar to third party apps you install in /opt, they do not use confinement and thus your output above for snap interface pulseaudio is absolutely correct (zoom-client, spotify and mailspring run under strict confinement)

try running the apps from commandline, check the logs, use the various builtin snap debugging features like snap run --strace <app> and snap run --gdb <app> to debug the issue. this has nothing to do with interface connections …