Font issue: No text appears in QT application

Any snapcraft Debian maintainers here who can explain why my lxi-tools snap does not show text fonts on Debian?

Works fine in Ubuntu etc.

Somehow it seems the fonts are not available despite being staged by the snap.

The described fix seems sort of redundant to me:

cd $HOME/snap/lxi-tools/current/.local/share
ln -s /snap/lxi-tools/current/usr/share/fonts .

I see you are using the desktop-qt5 cloud part, which should configure this for you by dropping a fontconfig configuration file in ~/snap/$snapname/current/.config/fontsconfig/fonts.conf that should make the fonts visible to the fontconfig system: both host system fonts and those shipped with the snap. Does that file look sane on the problem system?

The suggestion to symlink the snap’s fonts is just making the fonts available in a location fontconfig would otherwise search for them if it was ignoring that file.

It seems this is a non-issue as lxi-tools from the edge channel works fine. Thanks for the input though.