Folder in writable-paths for UC20


A quick question for the folder /etc/update-motd.d, I found this folder is writable in core snap,, but not in other core snaps, for example, core18/core20. How can I make this folder writable for UC20?

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Can we cherry pick this commit to core20, by @ogra ? :slight_smile:

Feel free to submit a PR adding that to core18 and core20

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Thanks @ijohnson, just put up 2 PRs for review, thanks :+1:


I just saw the new version being released to edge and beta, when can we release them to stable channel? Thanks :slight_smile:

a quick question, why do we need 2 PRs for core18 and core20? I just saw core18 got updated with this PR on stable channel, but core20 doesn’t. If I build an image with core18 and core20 (both stable channel), will the folder /etc/update-motd.d be writable?

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The host folder being writable or not depends on the “boot base snap” - if your device/image is an Ubuntu Core 20 image, then it’s “boot base snap” is core20 and in which case you need to wait for the fix to show up in core20. If the fix is in core18, then only Ubuntu Core 18 images will get the fix.

I don’t know the timeframe for when fixes merged to core18/core20 get released, but it should happen soonish, as IIRC it is automated

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Here is a follow-up ask for another file, /etc/pam.d/common-password. We’d like to update password policy. Do you think it is possible to make this file writable for uc20? Thanks :slight_smile: