Flutter app requires manual review due to 'deny-connection'


I’m trying to release a Flutter app named ‘iptv-smarters-expert’ onto the Snap Store, but I’m receiving the message:

Human review required due to ‘deny-connection’ constraint (interface attributes) declaration-snap-v2_slots_connection (dbus-iptv-smarters-expert, dbus)

I requested a review a week ago, but the status hasn’t changed since then.

Could you please help me, @review-team?


Hi @JulienDev, I have reviewed the request. Dbus name “com.iptv.player” is not well suited to this snap. Can you change your Dbus name to something like “com.iptvsmarters.player”?


Hey @0xnishit , thanks for your review, I’ve uploaded a new revision with the updated dbus name :slight_smile:

Hey @review-team could you please review the new dbus name? :pray:t2:

Done! Let me know if there are any issues.

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