Flightgear version update

Can you update the version of Flightgear to the newest version on snap?
I would be interested in this, as well as many other users who play Flightgear.

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Hi there! I did look at making a snap of Flightgear, about 3 years ago. I never finished it, but will take another look over the holidays! Thanks for the reminder.


Would this be a PPA? If so, I wouldn’t download it because of the security risk.

No, it would be a snap. You’re asking about an updated version on the Snapcraft.io site, so it is understood that you wanted a snap of flightgear. Alan also stated that they had worked on a snap but hadn’t finished and will now try to update their work on that snap.

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Ok. So I understand that this will be available via the App store on Ubuntu 18.04 or will be available via snapcraft.io?

That’s the goal. I’m currently blocked because the resulting snap is huge, and times out when being uploaded. So it will likely have to wait until the new year when everyone is back from holiday break and we can sort this issue out.

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Thanks everyone for your help! See you in the new year!

PS. Reply here when you’ve made the snap :slightly_smiling_face:

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