Flatpak on Ubuntu Core

Is there any tutorial on how to install flatpack for Ubuntu Core? That O.S only allows snap by default which is quite bad.

No, someone would need to snap Flatpak for you to be able to run Flatpak on Ubuntu Core, I think? For now, don’t use Ubuntu Core if you want to use non-snap applications! :slight_smile:

Well, now that’s a crazy idea. Snapping Flatpak! (Theoretically possible…)

It would almost certainly need classic approval. But it could work.

On Ubuntu Core, it would probably take far more work to get the graphics going though. @questioner53 Ubuntu Core is a heavily (no, ENTIRELY) Snap-based OS. If you want Flatpak, Ubuntu Core probably isn’t for you.

Is there a particular flatpak you’re thinking of installing?

Is there a tutorial on how to install snapd on fedora silverblue? That O.S only allows flatpak by default which is quite bad

^ sarcasm


@zyga-snapd Actually, you can (I think) do it by running rpm-ostree install snapd.

I’m encouraging your activity in packaging and happily end the work day. Have a great evening :slight_smile:

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Where I live, it’s 1:14 PM. :wink:

They are private packages. I’m sorry, i missunderstood what’s Ubuntu Core for. I thought it was for general iot use but it’s only for canonical hardware/products. I will keep using Ubuntu server as is more lightweight than the normal distro :slight_smile:

It is very much for general IOT use. Can you be more specific in what you want to build? Perhaps we can help somehow.

They are stock management/related apps running over Tinkerboards and connected to screens+keyboard+etc…

Classic confinement isn’t available in Ubuntu Core…

Something like GNOME Boxes or VirtualBox can be used to run flatpaks in Ubuntu Core. (Am I wrong?)

But GNOME Boxes needs to be available as snap before that. Snap Store has no GNOME Boxes.

Can docker,lxd be used? I am not sure because I never tried Ubuntu Core

(I know you already knew this trick :wink: )

In 2024 using my steam deck with ubuntu core desktop

I whould like running flatoak how .snap