Flashing Core20 x86 images to disk

Hi there.

I do have a question regarding flashing an Core20 image to a disk, say, a NVMe drive.

Throwing the pc.img though fdisk, it appears that the ‘BIOS’ boot partition starts at 2048, but flashing from 2048 on the disk into to offset 2048 on the disk does not work entirely.

Do I have to flash the whole image from the start, using dd, for example:

dd if=pc.img of=/dev/target-disk bs=4M status=progress?

Is there some magic bits starting from the first bit of the disk, unknown to fdisk, and only listing the partitions?

The first 34 logical blocks of the image contain the partition table. Technically the first block is functionally not needed but if it is missing will confuse some software. But for sure if you do not copy the 33 other blocks, you will not have a functional disk, and it will not boot. You could skip after 34th block to the beginning of the partition. That space is here only for alignment.

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