Fitlet2 Board Enablement in brand store


Got a couple of questions on board enablement for the Fitlet2 device ( I already have a custom kernel/gadget snap and I can built an image that boots.

  • Would like to push the kernel to our brand store, however I can’t reserve a name containing “-kernel” (name: -fitlet2-kernel). There is a form to request a reserved name, however it defaults to the Global store.
  • Would like to push the gadget to our brand store (name: -fitlet2), however gadgets needs manual review.
  • Getting snaps from either the Global store or our brand store return 404 while downloading (for example “classic” snap)
  • We use Dell Gateway 3000 series as well and it registers the serial with using an API key. How do we obtain our own API key for this endpoint? Or should we self-host the Serial Vault software?

Thanks in advance,