Firefox | [wayland] drag and drop of several tabs as a new window not working

CONTEXT: ubuntu 22.04 (gnome - wayland) Firefox snap wayland activated for firefox with MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 and verified with about:support (Window Protocol=wayland)

STEPS: 1/ select several tabs ([ctrl]+mouse left click) of a running Firefox (except one) 2/ Drag and drop one of the selected tabs out of the tab bar (special case: in the tab-bar of another existing Firefox window)


  • A new Window is open with the selected apps (special case: the tabs are added to the other tabs of the other Firefox Window)
  • the old window do not have the selected tabs in the tab bar


  • Nothing appends


  • The drag&drop of ONE tab with wayland+snap is working.
  • The described steps are working with x-wayland (and snap).
  • The described steps are working with Firefox from sources (apt) and (on another 20.04 computer)
  • Never tested with wayland/x-wayland and repository Firefox binary (apt install variant)

[Obsolete?] The problem is no more reproducible

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