Firefox (Ubuntu 18.04) authority certificate import not possible

Firefox snap on Ubuntu 18.04 - all updates actually installed.
Problem described below doesn’t exist on same machine, however Firefox classic package installation.
I didn’t find existing posting which would match this problem, hence this topic creation.

Problem location
Firefox Certificate Manager > Authorities area
Pushing/Clicking “Import…” doesn’t result in any Firefox reaction - no new window opens to select certificate file to upload to Firefox.
Consequently it is not possible to import intended root certificate.
If to take a look at Firefox snap entry in Ubuntu Software app (package and snaps management), section Permissions, one can find no setting entry which could be responsible at this issue (one could try to change to fix problem).

How to fix it?
What is possible root cause?

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This is bug #1913570.

Thanks for information.
Which workarounds might exist within Firefox snap?
Firefox classic package is not used on production machines this local network.