Firefox Snap unable to save html files


I am unable to download html files with Firefox snap (Save Page As), it tries to download then in the download progress it just says “Failed”. Other filetypes can be saved just fine, and the Firefox .deb version works just fine with saving html files. I believe this has been a long standing issue for me but I never ended up reporting it until just now.

Here are my system specs:

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS x86_64 
Host: All Series 
Kernel: 4.15.0-112-generic 
Uptime: 4 days, 8 hours, 50 mins 
Packages: 4349 
Shell: zsh 5.4.2 
Resolution: 1920x1200, 1920x1080 
DE: Xfce 
WM: Xfwm4 
WM Theme: Default 
Theme: Xfce-dusk [GTK2], Greybird [GTK3] 
Icons: Elementary-xfce-darker [GTK2/3] 
Terminal: xfce4-terminal 
CPU: Intel i7-5960X (16) @ 4.300GHz 
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 
Memory: 11106MiB / 32081MiB 

These are my Firefox connections:

Interface                 Plug                            Slot                             Notes
avahi-observe             firefox:avahi-observe           :avahi-observe                   -
browser-support           firefox:browser-sandbox         :browser-support                 -
camera                    firefox:camera                  :camera                          -
content[gnome-3-34-1804]  firefox:gnome-3-34-1804         gnome-3-34-1804:gnome-3-34-1804  -
content[gtk-3-themes]     firefox:gtk-3-themes            gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes   -
content[icon-themes]      firefox:icon-themes             gtk-common-themes:icon-themes    -
content[sound-themes]     firefox:sound-themes            gtk-common-themes:sound-themes   -
cups-control              firefox:cups-control            :cups-control                    -
dbus                      -                               firefox:dbus-daemon              -
desktop                   firefox:desktop                 :desktop                         -
desktop-legacy            firefox:desktop-legacy          :desktop-legacy                  -
gsettings                 firefox:gsettings               :gsettings                       -
home                      firefox:home                    :home                            -
joystick                  firefox:joystick                -                                -
network                   firefox:network                 :network                         -
network-observe           firefox:network-observe         -                                -
opengl                    firefox:opengl                  :opengl                          -
pulseaudio                firefox:pulseaudio              :pulseaudio                      -
removable-media           firefox:removable-media         :removable-media                 manual
screen-inhibit-control    firefox:screen-inhibit-control  :screen-inhibit-control          -
u2f-devices               firefox:u2f-devices             :u2f-devices                     -
unity7                    firefox:unity7                  :unity7                          -
upower-observe            firefox:upower-observe          :upower-observe                  -
wayland                   firefox:wayland                 :wayland                         -
x11                       firefox:x11                     :x11                             -

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? If you need any other details please let me know.

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I can reliably observe the problem here.
I installed the latest stable firefox snap in a fully up-to-date 18.04 VM, and when I browse to about:buildconfig and right-click on the page and choose to “Save as…”, the download fails just as you described. If I then open the downloads popover from the toolbar and click the “refresh” icon next to the failed download, it works.

I cannot see any relevant denials in the journal.

Can you file an upstream bug with these details (please make it clear that it’s affecting the snap package)?

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I am experiencing issues with both “Save Page As”, “Save Image As” and “Save Link As”.
On Firefox 84.0.2 (64-bit) snap on GNOME v3.38.2 with Debian Buster or Bullseye.

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This issue is tracked by bug 1664887.

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