Firefox Snap can not download to /tmp

Since moving to Ubuntu 22.04 and the offical Firefox snap, downloads to /tmp do not show up in the main system. I assume because “/tmp” inside the Snap is not exposed.

There is no feedback about what locations are or are not exposed and so actually work.

I discovered my home folder worked by trial and error

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Guess nobody else thinks this is an issue.

I posted a question about fine-grained directory access in late August and no response for me either. Seems like it’s just us users. :wink:

Sorry for the lack of a response until now. That’s right, each strictly confined snap has its own private /tmp. This is by design, to prevent applications from viewing/messing with other apps’ temporary files.

This is known to break a number of use cases though, and is being tracked in bug #1790608. Feel free to add your use case there.

Definitely an annoyance for those of us who don’t care about keeping an ever-growing Downloads folder. Found a workaround by having Firefox use /var/tmp instead of /tmp, but looking forward to being able to use the latter again.

Skype has the same issue, but that’s a different thread : Skype snap does not save to /tmp