Firefox snap 'breaks' LibreOffice .deb

Distro: Lubuntu 21.10 x86_64. Desktop: LXQt

Removing the Firefox .deb package included with Lubuntu 21.10 and replacing it with the Firefox Snap package, ‘breaks’ LibreOffice. L.O. uses Firefox to display its Help pages. In Debian, GIMP uses the same. If I open L.O. and then select the Help feature, Firefox (snap) opens and displays a message that the file cannot be found:

File not found

  • Firefox can’t find the file at /tmp/lu200412ltx5k.tmp/NewHelp0.html.*

** Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.* ** Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.*

In Debian:

  • Synaptic reported both LibreOffice and GIMP as broken packages with Firefox ESR removed.

  • If I removed the Firefox Snap package and reinstalled Firefox ESR, it again displays the Help files as expected and it cleared the broken package status of both L.O. and GIMP.

The currently installed Firefox, LibreOffice and GIMP packages in Lubuntu are from the Ubuntu repository.

I have read elsewhere that both distro-installed and Snap packages of the same application can be installed side-by-side, but do not know if this might cause some ‘confusion’ with two Firefox’s and/or two Thunderbird’s installed. If both Firefox packages were installed and I chose Firefox Snap as the default, L.O. might launch that for the Help pages rather than the distro-installed package, causing the same problem to occur again.

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This was discussed on Lubuntu’s discouse which I remembered whilst doing some QA-testing of today’s (canary) daily ISO.

Occurs on jammy for main Ubuntu too; no changes were required.

  • boot live
  • start libreoffice
  • ask for help (firefox opens & 404-file not found error)