Firefox snap beta channel updates?

I’m curious about updates to the Firefox snap beta channel. It’s still on version 109, even though Mozilla has updated the beta to version 110. The stable and edge channels have updated to 109 and 111 respectively :+1: .

I think this is the snapcraft.yaml that is used, and I see there have been three 110 beta updates.

Not life-threatening, just an otherwise happy user :smiley:

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I noticed @bandali just noted in their Desktop Team update:

  • investigating and testing trying to work around failing builds for firefox snap beta 110 (ongoing)
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Built successfully and published!

Indeed, beta 110 builds were failing on amd64. The issue was worked around by using LLVM 15.0.6 instead of 14.0.0 on amd64. :slight_smile:

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