Firefox snap and 1password

Hello folks,

I’ve recently installed the 1password desktop app (from the deb repo, as the snap is sadly outdated…), and the browser extension. However, even though I have the various xdg-desktop-portal packages installed, Firefox isn’t picking up on the 1password features (no offers to fill in logins, no option to save login details).

Going by discussion in the native messaging support thread and other native-messaging related announcements, I had anticipated that things would Just Work by now. I could obviously install flatpak and try the permissions tweak described in that thread, but is there anything else that I can try first that doesn’t involve having to install flatpak?

I haven’t found anything in the Firefox webextensions config settings or similar that would seem to need tweaking, but maybe I’ve missed something. Can anyone advise?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered,

   -- Joe